Roseann Bennett On Using The Canine-Assisted Therapy

  There are a lot of benefits that are associated with owning a pet that has been put into books. There is now a modern way that dogs are being used to improve people’s lives known as the canine-assisted therapy. One such therapist who has helped people in using the practice to solve their issues … Continue reading “Roseann Bennett On Using The Canine-Assisted Therapy”

Vinod Gupta Talks About The Types Of Risks To Take

  People often talk about taking risks to succeed in business. The only thing is that not all risks are good to take. Vinod Gupta elaborates on the idea of taking risks. He talks about the types of risks he takes that bring him to a higher level of success. One type of risk he … Continue reading “Vinod Gupta Talks About The Types Of Risks To Take”

Jim Larkin’s Famous Sing Sing Visitor

Ireland’s most provocative union leader, firebrand and rabble-rouser, James “Big Jim” Larkin, reached a turning point in 1914. The massive strike known as the Dublin Lockout has finally been busted after some six agonizing months of violent confrontation in the streets. The event produced the famous Bloody Sunday incident of August 1913 — a horrific … Continue reading “Jim Larkin’s Famous Sing Sing Visitor”