Adam Milstein writes on how the Jewish can overcome the challenges of Israel

The Mordechai Anielewicz was the one that led the Jews in the World War II so that they could fight the Nazi in the uprising Warsaw Ghetto. At the time of the war, it’s when Peter Bergson got the heroic campaign with the aim that he will be given the chance of coming up with the Jewish army in the quest of fighting so that the allies would get their rights. There are so many reasons that people have learned from the Jewish history. One is that if the people want to overcome the challenges, the thing that they had to do was to elect the right leaders. The leadership should be celebrated like the one that was seen during the turn of the century. One of the great leaders that have been able to represent the people is David Ben-Gurion his achievement are well known.

With the help that he got from the first female prime minister Golda Meir, they founded the Revisionist Zionism ze’ev, that would help with the hostility that was growing and the foundation needed to be laid so that to come up with the independent Jewish state. The challenges that will be faced by the Jewish are so many, but the ones that are common is the Boycott, Sanctions campaign, and Divestment. The entire goal that they have in common is that they will have the opportunity of changing the state of Israel.

The leader like Mordechai Anielewicz, Micker Marcus and Ben-Gurion that formed back in the days need to receive the support required by the Jewish community. According to Adam Milstein, because he has met with some of the leaders, he has hopes that they will emerge. The services that Adam Milstein offers that people of Israel in him being the activist and philanthropist that is what has given him the opportunity of getting with the next generation that has the needed skills to become the future pro-Israel activist. For Adam Milstein, the future activist had the need passion, and they were innovative too, and once they got the need support, then they will be the best in the job. Adam Milstein is working hard to ensure that he is that support that the activists need.

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