Paul Mampilly- Why many investors fail

The stock market is one of the lucrative investment platforms that one can ever find. Companies which are listed in different stock market offer opportunities to investors to make money by buying their shares. When a company is performing well, it will make more profits and the amount of stake one owns in that company … Continue reading “Paul Mampilly- Why many investors fail”

Stream Energy: Employees That Care

Philanthropy at the heart of a business is rarely seen in the United States today. Many companies focus on profit instead of giving back. In some cases, companies focus on giving back to the community when they don’t take care of their workers which defeats the purpose. Stream Energy is a storybook example of a … Continue reading “Stream Energy: Employees That Care”

Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm on the Overheating Financial Market

Before investing in any project, capitalists consider the economic environment and the possible impact it could have on the growth of the business. Shervin Pishevar took a great risk investing in Uber and Airbnb but one could say that he predicted the favorable growth the companies would experience in the future. Zoetrope effect could render … Continue reading “Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm on the Overheating Financial Market”