Lawrence Bender: One of the Men Behind From Dusk Till Dawn

Lawrence Bender is a film producer. He was born in The Bronx, but grew up across the bay in New Jersey. Due to his grandfather’s involvement in civil engineering, Bender’s original plan was to go to college and get a degree in civil engineering. This is what he did, but in college, Bender gained an interest in dance music. His plans in dance were ultimately cut short after an injury.

During the production of Tales from the Darkside, Lawrence Bender worked as a grip. This was Bender’s first real job in film production, and it appears he had greater ambitions. In 1989, Bender made his debut as a film producer; Intruder was released. Tale of Two Sisters came out later that year, but Lawrence Bender didn’t get his big break until he produced Reservoir Dogs.

Bender is also a producer of documentaries. One of his most recent documentaries was Countdown to Zero, a film about the use and dangers of nuclear weapons.

Many of Lawrence Bender’s films are considered cult classics, like From Dusk till Dawn and all its sequels. The original film was released in 1996 and is a dark comedy. The film originally didn’t do very good in theaters, only netting a profit of $6 million. Despite the over all low profits for a a star-studded film, it still debuted number one in the box office. The film won two Saturn Awards and an MTV Movie Award.

The movie is about a family that is kidnapped and taken to a vampire bar. Presumably the usual at vampire bars, the vampires feast on the human patrons who find their way to the bar.

George Clooney gives a memorable, humorous performance in the film.

The film spawned 2 movie sequels and a television show. The television show is currently running, featured on Robert Rodriguez’s El Rey network.

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