Shervin Pishevar’s 21-Hour Tweet Storm on the Overheating Financial Market

Before investing in any project, capitalists consider the economic environment and the possible impact it could have on the growth of the business. Shervin Pishevar took a great risk investing in Uber and Airbnb but one could say that he predicted the favorable growth the companies would experience in the future.

In 2008, Shervin Pishevar was concerned that Facebook had not done enough to protect the data of its users. As a result, he predicted that the company would face identity crisis in future and this has already happened.

These are just but a few correct and well-argued predictions that can be attributed to Shervin Pishevar. When he took to Twitter on 5th February 2018 to share his thoughts about the future of the US financial market, many were filled with worry. These are particularly investors who were looking to venture into Bitcoin and stock market investments.

Shervin Pishevar predicts that the stock market will fall with around 6,000 points while Bitcoin will drop to $2,000-$5,000 until after 24 months when it would rise again. He is concerned that these two assets are overpriced and their downfall will be experienced when the investors realize this.

Shervin is also worried about the rise in debts obtained by the government that are affecting the financial market negatively. He argued that February and many other months to come will not be conducive for investors due to high interest rates and other economic factors.

Underemployment is just but another consequence for our poor decision making when it comes to the economy. Bonds may be selling, but the way the government claims to be resetting the market is not effective. As a result, only the entrepreneurs that come up with extraordinary ideas are going to succeed. This only leaves limited options for investors across the globe. He identifies digital currency as the opportunity that investors should exploit.

Shervin concludes that at the rate that the government is proceeding, it will be forced to print out more money for debt coverage.

The question is, do you think Shervin Pishevar is right with his predictions?

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