Shiraz Boghani Role In Founding Sussex Healthcare

Shiraz Boghani is a financial executive who is very popular because of his numerous achievements. The businessman is based in the United Kingdom, and he has invested his wealth in various departments. When Shiraz and his family relocated and settled in Britain many years ago, he knew that he wanted the best for himself and his family. Before relocating, the family was living in Kenya.

The Boghani family knew that they were going to offer their children the best education if they settled in the United Kingdom. The family made sure that their son went to the leading universities in the nation for his education. While at the university, the serial entrepreneur took a course in finance, and he graduated with good grades.

A career in finance can be very profitable when an individual has the right academic qualifications. For Shiraz Boghani, a career in the hospitality department seemed better to what most companies in the corporate world were offering him. Shiraz settled for the hotel industry when he realized that he could change the standards that had been set by most companies in the market. His career as a hotel group founder has been doing so well. With the expertise he has in finance as accountant, Shiraz Boghani has changed the lives of clients looking for hospitality services. After many years in the hospitality industry, the businessman realized that he could change the status of senior people in the United Kingdom.

With the help of Shafik Sachedina, Boghani founded a leading healthcare facility that has been named Sussex Healthcare. Unlike most of the medical facilities that focus on elderly communities, Sussex Healthcare has improved the lives of people who have mental challenges. Individuals who have diseases such as dementia have received a lot of medical care from the experts who have been working at the prestigious healthcare facility. The founders of this institution have made sure that their company expands and builds more homes in the regions so that all the customers can have the space they deserve.

According to, Shafik Sachedina and Boghani hold top positions in the healthcare company. These individuals always look out for the needs of their customers, and this has made the healthcare company very popular. Elderly people in the world look for the services from this company because they are affordable and of high quality. The medical experts in the company are highly experienced, and they have all the equipment that can change the lives of the seniors.

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