Stream Energy: Employees That Care

Philanthropy at the heart of a business is rarely seen in the United States today. Many companies focus on profit instead of giving back. In some cases, companies focus on giving back to the community when they don’t take care of their workers which defeats the purpose. Stream Energy is a storybook example of a company that cares about their workers and giving back to the community. They own and operate their own non-profit organization, Stream Cares. It partners with other organizations such as the Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and the Hope Supply Co. to expand its reach to those in need around the world. The Stream Energy company works by hiring freelance contractors to sell their products to clients in their community. They service residential and corporate structures. Some of the services they offer are discounted clean energy, fixed-rate energy, and telemedicine. Associates earn a commission for every sale. Associates also play a big part in volunteering in events sponsored by the company. For example, the Splash for Hope event offers more than 1,000 homeless children the ability to enjoy a day of fun at the local waterpark. Stream Energy pays the cover and meal costs for each child, while the associates volunteer to help keep order and make sure that the children are safe. Stream Energy’s primary focus is to ensure that the people in the community have everything they need to live safely. They monitor homelessness on a regular basis so that they can stay ahead by helping those in need. Just recently they discovered that there was a 24 percent increase in homelessness. They used that as fuel to give back more. Not to mention, Stream Energy is making a massive difference in the state of Texas, as it is known not to be generous. The company has already increased the generosity score for the state. There is no way to put a value on everything that Stream has done for its community. From the passion of the associates, to participation, funding, and an intense devotion to helping others, Stream Energy is showing other companies how to succeed.

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