WAX President Malcolm CasSelle Builds On Video Game And Cryptocurrency Developments

As one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency investors and executives, Malcolm CasSelle jumped at the chance to take up the role of President of the Worldwide Asset eXchange, WAX. A long-time investor and interested party in the development of new ways of building on the success of video gaming in the 21st-century, Malcolm CasSelle has overseen the development of the WAX Online marketplace which remains important to the overall expansion of the video gaming community into a self-supporting business model.


WAX is hoping to build on the success already achieved by the tokenization of the video gaming experience which includes the purchase of a range of different items during gameplay which often left individuals frustrated due to the lack of options to sell and trade purchased items. Transaction costs will remain low under the guidelines for the marketplace set out by Malcolm CasSelle with new markets opened over the course of the coming months as individuals will have the ability to sell and trade items with proof of ownership supplied.


As a self-governing Online marketplace, a series of guilds will be established with members drawn from the community surrounding individual games to assist in the operation of Online sales and trades.


Malcolm CasSelle has a long history of finding success in the digital and business worlds where he has been a consistent success as an investor and executive for a number of years. Social media has long been at the top of the list of priorities for Malcolm CasSelle after he was one of the first investors in Facebook and used social media signals to establish his own Timeline Labs company.


Many video gamers will already know of Malcolm CasSelle from his time working as the CEO of Xfire, a video game-based social media platform which grew from establishment to a total in excess of 20 million members globally.


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