William Saito: Start-Ups And Dealing With Financial Turmoil

William Saito has been an entrepreneur for a long time and has seen the ups and downs of the financial markets. His company he founded is called I/O Software, Inc. Its mission is to provide security software on a global scale and lead within the industry. Saito is noted to have invented the bio-metric authentication system, a first of its kind. He then went on to historically sell it to nearly 160 firms across the country needing the programming interface. After that enormous sale, he moved on to create a business called Tecur. The company is structured in helping businesses find doable markets regarding innovative technology throughout Japan.


In the latest news regarding the financial turmoil, William Saito has shared his thoughts on how exactly this effects start-up businesses. He has a vast amount of experience since he is an advisor for start-up companies at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology in Tokyo, Japan. In his own words, Saito states that, first of all, there can be a lot of hurdles for start up companies in Japan. However, the very well known companies that stand today were built and formed in crisis situations. That said, Saito believes from an opportunity perspective, now is the time for a company to thrive.

He further adds that everyone begins their start-ups in the bubble era. In times such as a financial turmoil, Saito says that companies experience real world issues that they must learn how to operate in. Therefore, funds are not as accessible as a business would like and expect. A company must tighten and hone their fiscal responsibilities so when it’s time to grow, they can sustain any financial turmoil impacting the market.


William Saito does find that the biggest change in perception regarding Western and Asian cultures is probably risk. He states the Asian culture doesn’t bounce back from failures as fast as Western cultures who see it more as a stepping stone and learning opportunity. While Saito visited the St Gallen Symposium, he commented on how great it was to see a good mix of people sharing different perspectives. He says this provides a freedom exchange of ideas to flow. He added he was very impressed with the Symposium and that it was a well run event.


William Saito has a degree in biomedical science from the University of California. He was honored with the Entrepreneur of the Year by USA Today, NASDAQ and Ernst & Young in 1998.